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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ques :

How recognised is Osteopathy ?

Ans   : Osteopathy is the first ever complementary therapy to have undergone statutory regulation by Act of Parliament. This gives you osteopath similar status to a doctor or dentist and guarantees you the equivalent high level of protection.


Ques :

What about my doctor ?

Ans   : Since regulation by Parliament osteopathic treatment has been fully recognised by the medical profession. . As with dentistry, it is not necessary to see your doctor befor consulting as osteopath, although if you are sill unsure, have a wod with your doctor first.


Ques :

What do osteopaths treat ?

Ans   : The following are just a few of the many conditions that can be successfully treated by your osteopath.


Ques :

Back pain ?

Ans   : The most common complaint reated by Dr. Parashar at Sawarmal Osteopathy Center, affection 4 out of 5 people at some time in their lives. In many cases, back pain is caused by overstraining the structural components in the back. Most cases, although very painful, are not serious if seen to properly.


Ques :

Scaitica ?

Ans   : This refers to irriatiation of the sciatic nerve that supplies the leg. It has, however, come to be used to describe any pain in the leg, whatever the cause - wheather it is related to circulation, pain referred from a back injury, trauma or nerve irritation. The most common causes of sciatica can usually be successfully treated here.


Ques :

Headache ?

Ans   : Also neck and shoulder tension caused by stress or by activities such as sitting as a VDU all day, normally respond well to osteopathic treatement here.


Ques :

Arthiritis ?

Ans   : Osteo-arthiritis is a normal process usually associated with ageing. Osteopathic treatment cannot reverse the wear and ear of a joing surface but in many cases, can offer relief from pain. We can also offer advice on other factors, such as lifestyle, which may help with long term relief.


Ques :

Sports Injuries ?

Ans   : Osteopathic treatment can benefit sports men and women at all levels. If you are eager to get back to your sport after injury, or have a problem which is preventing you from performing at your best, osteopathic treatment can help you reach your peak level of fitness.


Ques : Pregnanacy ?
Ans   : Pregnancy can cause back pain and discomfort because of the great changes in posture. Many women have found gentle.


" I was suffering from Acute cervical pain with no help from various doctors whom i approached. However after being treated by Dr. Goverdhan lal Parashar there was substantial improvement in my condition."
Mrs. Aarti Trivedi
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